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 North Dakota American Legion Baseball

Class 'A' State Champions


1928-1929 1930-1939 1940-1949
1950-1959 1960-1969 1970-1979
1980-1989 1990-1999 2000-Present
State Champions by City
State Tournament Notes

* = extra inning game

2023 Devils Lake          
2022 Wahpeton          
2021 Mandan          
2020 Grand Forks          

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2019 BISMARCK          
2018 Minot          
2017 Williston          
2016 Fargo          
2015 Dickinson          
2014 Jamestown          
2013 West Fargo   Fargo def. West Fargo 5-2
2012 Mandan   West Fargo def. Fargo 11-8
2011 Grand Forks   Mandan def. Williston 8-4
2010 BISMARCK   Minot def. BISMARCK 8-5

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2009 Wahpeton   Dickinson def. Fargo 13-9
2008 Minot   Dickinson def. BISMARCK 7-2
2007 Fargo   Minot def. BISMARCK 10-9*
2006 Williston   Minot def. Williston 7-2
2005 Valley City   Fargo def. BISMARCK 6-1
2004 Dickinson   Williston def. Fargo 9-3
2003 Jamestown   Minot def. Fargo 4-0*
2002 Devils Lake   Jamestown def. Fargo 4-1
2001 West Fargo   Minot def. Jamestown 6-2
2000 Mandan   Mandan def. Dickinson 5-4

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1999 Grand Forks   Grand Forks def. Minot 10-9
1998 BISMARCK   Jamestown def. BISMARCK 7-6*
1997 Wahpeton   BISMARCK def. Grand Forks 11-9
1996 Williston   Wahpeton def. Grand Forks 17-2
1995 Fargo   Mandan def. Jamestown 10-3
1994 Dickinson   Mandan def. Jamestown 16-14*
1993 Devils Lake   Mandan def. Jamestown 11-4
1992 BISMARCK   Fargo def. Jamestown 5-4
1991 Jamestown   Mandan def. Jamestown 9-2
1990 Mandan   Mandan def. Jamestown 6-3

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1989 West Fargo   Fargo def. BISMARCK 15-3
1988 Minot   Fargo def. Jamestown 10-3
1987 Grand Forks   Minot def. Fargo Bombers 6-0
1986 Williston   BISMARCK def. Williston 5-3*
1985 Wahpeton   Jamestown def. BISMARCK 5-2
1984 Dickinson   Minot def. Jamestown 6-5
1983 Fargo   Fargo def. Williston 4-1
1982 Mandan   BISMARCK def. Fargo 7-2
1981 Jamestown   Minot def. Fargo 7-6*
1980 BISMARCK   Jamestown def. Minot 4-3*

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1979 Wahpeton   Fargo def. Minot 12-4
1978 Minot   Minot def. Jamestown 13-3
1977 Fargo   Minot def. Fargo 7-3
1976 Williston   Fargo def. Williston 11-0
1975 Jamestown   Jamestown def. BISMARCK 2-1
1974 Mandan   Fargo def. Minot 5-3
1973 Fargo   Williston def. Fargo 15-2
1972 Williston   Grand Forks def. Fargo 6-5
1971 BISMARCK   BISMARCK def. Grand Forks 7-0
1970 Fargo   Mandan def. Grand Forks 2-1

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1969 Williston   Fargo def. Mandan 7-5
1968 Fargo   Grand Forks def. Mandan 5-1
1967 Mandan   Grand Forks def. Fargo 6-4
1966 Fargo   BISMARCK def. Mandan 8-1
1965 BISMARCK   Mandan def. Grand Forks 5-4
1964 Grand Forks   Mandan def. Fargo 4-3*
1963 Mandan   BISMARCK def. Grand Forks 8-4*
1962 Jamestown   Drayton def. BISMARCK 3-2
1961 Mandan   BISMARCK def. Grand Forks 8-2
1960 Fargo   Fargo def. Drayton 10-4

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1959 Minot   Grand Forks def. Minot 9-8*
1958 Jamestown   Drayton def. Jamestown 14-2
1957 Williston   BISMARCK def. Fargo 6-5
1956 Jamestown   BISMARCK def. Fargo 4-3
1955 Minot   Jamestown def. BISMARCK 6-4
1954 Dickinson   Jamestown def. Minot 11-2
1953 Fargo   Fargo def. Jamestown 5-0
1952 BISMARCK   Fargo def. Dickinson 8-0
1951 Dickinson   Wahpeton def. BISMARCK 6-1
1950 Jamestown   Fargo def. Grand Forks 7-1

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1949 Jamestown   BISMARCK def. Fargo 12-4
1948 Wahpeton   Fargo def. BISMARCK 16-1
1947 Minot   Fargo def. BISMARCK 11-4
1946 Grand Forks   Fargo def. Williston  
1945 BISMARCK   BISMARCK def. New England 15-1
1944 Fargo   Fargo def. Jamestown 19-1
1943 Jamestown   Fargo def. Jamestown 9-2
1942 Grand Forks   Fargo def. Enderlin 21-2
1941     Enderlin      
1940     Enderlin      

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1939     Grand Forks      
1938     Grand Forks      
1937     Grand Forks      
1936     Grand Forks      
1935     Fargo      
1934     Grand Forks      
1933     Fargo      
1932     Cooperstown      
1931     Cooperstown      
1930     Enderlin      

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1929     Fargo      
1928     Linton      


State Champions by City


Fargo 23   Cooperstown 2
BISMARCK 11   Drayton 2
Grand Forks 10   Wahpeton 2
Minot 10   Williston 2
Mandan 10   Dickinson 2
Jamestown 7   Linton 1
Enderlin 3   West Fargo 1

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State Tournament Notes

*Extra Inning State Championship Games*

2007 - Minot defeated Bismarck 10-9 in 12 innings

2003 - Minot defeated Fargo 4-0 in 10 innings

1998 - Jamestown defeated Bismarck 7-6 in 11 innings

1994 - Mandan defeated Jamestown 16-14 in 10 innings

1986 - Bismarck defeated Williston 5-3 in 10 innings

1981 - Minot defeated Fargo 7-6 in 12 innings

1980 - Jamestown defeated Minot 4-3 in 11 innings

1964 - Mandan defeated Fargo 4-3 in 11 innings

1963 - Bismarck defeated Grand Forks 8-4 in 12 innings

1959 - Grand Forks defeated Minot 9-8 in 10 innings


2003 State Championship Game - The game was 0-0 through 9 innings before Minot scored 4 runs in the top of the tenth inning. Charlie Shirek went the distance for Minot to record the shutout 4-0.


1997 State Tournament - Bismarck's Tim Olson was selected Most Valuable Player of the State 'A' Tournament. Olson went on to play college baseball at the University of Florida and Major League Baseball for the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies.

1995 - Separate state tournaments held for Class A (formally Class AA) and Class B (formally Class A). Class A Eastern and Western Divisional Tournaments - Top four teams qualify for state tournament.

1992 State Tournament - Jamestown outfielder-pitcher Darin Erstad was named the tournament Most Valuable Player. Erstad finished the tournament 10-for-21 with two homers, two triples, a double and six runs scored.  On the mound, Erstad appeared in three games, saving one and winning one.  He was 2-1, pitching 18 innings and allowing 12 hits and striking out 14.  Erstad was victimized by five unearned runs in a 5-4 championship game loss to Fargo. Erstad went on to play college baseball and football at the University of Nebraska and Major League Baseball for the Anaheim Angels, Chicago White Sox and Houston Astros. Erstad was the first pick overall in the 1995 MLB draft.

1990 State Championship Game - Mandan's Jake Meyhoff recorded 17 strike outs in Mandan's 6-3 victory over Jamestown.

1989 - Class AA State Champion Fargo defeated Class A Champion Sawyer-Surrey 16-3 and 11-1 in a best two-out-of-three game playoff for the overall State Championship. Fargo was the North Dakota representative at the Central Plains Regional in North Platte, NE. Fargo entered the Regional Tournament with a 29-game win streak.

1985 - Class AA State Champion Jamestown defeated Class A Champion Fargo Bombers 10-7 and 8-1 in a best two-out-of-three game playoff for the overall State Championship. Jamestown was the North Dakota representative at the Central Plains Regional in Cape Girardeau, MO.
1984 - Class AA State Champion Minot defeated Class A Devils Lake 12-8 and 7-5 in a best two-out-of-three game playoff for the overall State Championship. Minot was the North Dakota representative at the Central Plains Regional in Rapid City, SD.
1983 - Class AA State Champion Fargo defeated Class A Champion Devils Lake 6-1 and 16-0 in a best two-out-of-three game playoff for the overall State Championship. Fargo was the North Dakota representative at the Central Plains Regional in Ely, MN.
1982 - Class AA State Champion Bismarck defeated Class A Edmore 17-3 and 10-1 in a best two-out-of-three game playoff for the overall State Championship. Bismarck was the North Dakota representative at the Central Plains Regional in Fenton, MO.
1981 - Class AA State Champion Minot defeated Class A Champion West Fargo in a best two-out-of-three game playoff for the overall State Championship. Minot won the opening game of the series 10-1 before West Fargo won 5-3 to force a third game.  Minot defeated West Fargo 8-6 in the series final and went on to represent North Dakota at the Central Plains Regional in Ralston, NE.
1971 - Bismarck Governors' Head Coach Neal Kalberer was a player on Bismarck's 1966 State Championship team.  In fact, Kalberer was named the North Dakota American Legion player of the year in that 1966 championship season, and the team went on to the regional finals before falling in two straight games to Enid, OK.
1970 - Mandan entered the 1970 state tournament with a 19-game winning streak.  The streak eventually reached 22 games before Grand Forks defeated the Chiefs 3-2 in the first championship game.  Mandan came back to win the second championship game 2-1 to earn a trip to the Great Plains Regional tournament.
1964 Championship Game - Fargo Succumbs 4-3 on 11th Inning Balk - Mandan's Bill Cook scored the winning run in the bottom of the 11th inning on a balk with one out by Fargo ace right-hander Ollie Cornelius. All three umpires signaled the balk.
1958 - Drayton became the first Class B school in state legion history not only to challenge the Class A powers in the state but win.
1949 - Class A State Champion Bismarck defeated Class B Champion Inkster in a best two-out-of-three game playoff. Inkster challenged Bismarck for the regional berth and after much dispute the best-of-three series was set at Inkster. The class B team won the opener 11-6 but Bismarck came back to win the next  two tilts 5-2 and 11-4 to earn the right to represent North Dakota at the Regional in Aberdeen, SD.
1948 - Fargo defeated Bismarck 16-1. The game was called at the end of the 8th when Bismarck's chances were futile.


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